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Kairos Prison Ministry

The next lay-led Kairos Walk at McCormick Correctional Institute will take place 14-17 September 2017. The mission of Kairos is to bring Christ's unconditional love to the incarcerated.  Our walk is an opportunity to enable the Christian community to participate in answering Christ's call to visit the prisoners.


We are asking you to join us on this walk; there are several ways to volunteer.


1. Prayer.  Prayer is the foundation of Agape.  It is not an afterthought, it is the starting point for unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit during "God's Special Time" that is a Kairos walk.  Intercessory prayer offered by the team and the Christian community opens the door of communicating God's love to the participants.  We're asking you to keep us lifted in prayer as we prepare for and carry out this walk.  Equally important, we ask that you sign the prayer commitment sheet to have your name posted on the Prayer Wheels as a visible reminder to the residents that Christians they don't even know are supporting them.  The time frames are hourly; of course, you are welcome to devote an hour of prayer but we ask only that you take a time slot within an hour so that prayer continues non-stop.  Don't stop with yourself; ask friends, family, and neighbors, anyone you know to join us on the Prayer Wheels.


2. Cookies.  You've heard us ask for cookies in the past; yes, we're asking again.  We need 6,000 dozen cookies, not ALL to come from NIC but we love to have NIC contribute.  The cookies are a tangible example of love in action by the Body of Christ.


3. Agape.  Letters, posters, place mats, and children's artwork… all of these are messages from God through the Christian community.


4. Dedicated time.  We're not asking you to commit to the entire 4 day walk but if you can give us a few hours during the walk, we can put you to work.  Maybe your curiosity has been awakened when we've spoken before, this is an opportunity to check it out and see if this is a ministry you can participate in.  To support the Agape team we need folks in the kitchen (slicing, dicing, chopping, cleaning, baking, stirring, loading…it all needs doing) and many hands make the task smaller.  We need folks on the outside support team, typing, drawing, writing, sorting, even crocheting…if you have an artistic flair, this might be your niche.


5. Tax deductible donations.  As with any ministry, there is a real monetary cost.  Financial support empowers the Body of Christ. Please give prayerful consideration to making a donation to help this ministry continue.


There are guidelines to be followed for any Agape submitted and are outlined here.


Sign Up for Prayer Wheel


These prayer wheels are large, tangible demonstrations of the Christian community's support for the mission with the names of folks praying each hour of the Walk.  We're not asking you to pray non-stop for an hour.  Of course, you may, but we're asking only that you lift us in prayer at a dedicated time.


The names visible on these wheels have an amazing impact on the participants. To know folks are praying for them every hour of the day is indescribably powerful! Thanks, in advance, for your commitment to sharing Christ's Agape love during His "special time" that is Kairos!


If you want to participate, use this form to tell us the day and time you can pray, i.e. Friday, 10:00 pm.


Or, print out one (or more) of these prayer wheels, print your name next to the hour(s) that you will pray, and turn them into the Guest Services counter at New Image Church or give them to me personally.


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We thank you, in advance, for your help and participation!



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