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September 27, 2017

Sermon Series: Confused

Have you ever been confused? Confusion is defined as a state in which things are uncertain, foggy or jumbled; bewilderment; when one cannot act with clarity or understanding.

Confusion affects us all and is particularly troubling when it is spiritual confusion. We want to please God; we want to honor Him, but sometimes we become confused on His will or His timing and sometimes even His ways. Confusion is frustrating.

In this sermon series, we will address issues of confusion. We will specifically address where confusion comes from. How to eliminate self-inflicted confusion. How to deal with spiritual battles of confusion and many others. These messages will apply to relationships and all aspects of the human life.

It is only when we can remove the confusion that we are able to move forward with the zeal we desire. Plan to be a part of this teaching this Sunday. It would be an honor to have you.

-- Pastor Eric

Watch the video of this sermon series:

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